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The Lucid Dream Book

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The Lucid Dream Book


Do you want to control your dreams? 

If you're here, then just like the millions of people who've clicked on my lucid dreaming videos on YouTube, your answer is probably yes.

If you had complete control over tonight's dreams. What would you do?

Would you explore and travel to outer space?

Fight monsters? Go on an adventure?

Would you fly? Use super-powers? 

Meet your favourite celebrity? 

Travel through time? 

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine what you'd do tonight. Try to really feel yourself there, and imagine how exciting it'd be!

Alright, now how about instead of imagining it, we actually make it happen?

How can I help?

I've been lucid dreaming for over a decade now, and have had all of the same questions you have. 

Where do I start? 

How do I do it?

How do I get lucid more often?

How do I fly, conjure objects, influence characters, or change location?

How do I deal with techniques not working? 

What do I do if I can't fall back asleep? 

Over the years I've had to ask hundreds of different questions about lucid dreaming. Some of them were answered quickly and easily, while others took me years of trial and error to find an answer to.

I've tried to answer every single one of the questions I had about lucid dreaming, so that you can learn what I learned in over a decade, in the time it takes you to finish this book.

What's inside?

151 pages and 51001 words, spanning 48 sections, in 8 chapters.

I really wanted to make this book a one stop shop for lucid dreaming information, covering absolutely anything you'd need or want to know about controlling your dreams. So I've done exactly that.

Each chapter contains a wealth of information.

  • Chapter 1: The Rules of Lucid Dreaming: In this first chapter I explain exactly what lucid dreaming is, and how lucid dreams work. You'll learn about your sleep cycles and R.E.M. sleep, your subconscious mind and its role in your dreams, where your dreams happen, and more. 

  • Chapter 2: Building a Foundation: Often times guides jump straight into lucid dreaming techniques, but I think that often leads to frustrations with beginners failing to get lucid. In this chapter we set up the foundations needed for successful lucid dreaming, so that when you get to the techniques, you get the best results.
  • Chapter 3: Getting Lucid: This is where the real fun begins and you learn your first 7 different techniques for getting lucid. You'll also learn exactly what to do to further increase your chances of getting lucid, so as to maximise your results. 
  • Chapter 4: Staying Lucid: It's no good getting lucid if your dreams end right away, so I've dedicated an entire chapter to all the things you can do to keep dreams stable and long-lasting. That way the fun doesn't get cut short!
  • Chapter 5: Dream Control: From spawning characters or objects, to changing location, to communicating with the subconscious mind, or flying. In this chapter I cover many of the fantastic things you can do in your dreams, and how to do them. I also cover the essential components needed to master any other dream control technique imaginable, and even teach you how to develop your own techniques.
  • Chapter 6: Lucid Dreaming Tools: Next I cover all of the different tools available to aid in lucid dreaming. From sleep masks, to lucid dreaming masks, from hypnosis, to supplements. I go into depth on all of these tools, and more. I explain which ones are effective, how they work, and give suggestions for how you can get the best results from using them.
  • Chapter 7: Trouble Getting Lucid: Not everything in life is easy, and you might already be a lucid dreamer, but be struggling to get lucid consistently. This whole chapter is dedicated to some of the issues you might run into, and how to address each of them.
  • Chapter 8: Beyond: In this chapter I cover a whole host of things that might not be super important to lucid dreaming, but can be useful or fascinating. You'll learn how to analyse your dreams, how to deal with (and utilise) sleep paralysis, how to dream about anything you like (Without getting lucid!), how to face nightmares, and even how to bring some of the lessons you've learned from lucid dreaming into your waking life.

The Lucid Dream Book is exactly what it says on the tin.

It's called THE Lucid Dream Book for a reason.

It's the only lucid dreaming book you'll ever need. Everything you need to get started with lucid dreaming can be found within its pages, but more than that, you also have all the information needed to master it.

If you're ready to get started, then just scroll up and click "I want this!"

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