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Advanced Lucidity - Lucid Dreaming Audio Course

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Did you know you spend ~33.3% of your life asleep? By the end of this course you'll be wishing it was more like 100%.

Reasons you will want to take this course:

  • Lucid dreaming has never been made easier.
  • The dream world has: No rules. No limits. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Unlimited adventure, without taking any extra time out of your day.
  • Imagine the best, most realistic Virtual Reality experience possible - lucid dreaming has you beat. 
  • No lag. Unlimited respawns.
  • 99% of my dream characters would recommend it.

What people are probably saying about Advanced Lucidity:

"Better graphics than Crysis" - Anonymous

"Time to lose my religion in R.E.M sleep" - Every single person commenting on my videos

"Now I have even less reason to get out of bed, thanks!" - Your lazy roommate

"Don't get any ideas" - Your crush

"I have no idea what you're talking about dude"  - Random guy on the street I asked for an opinion

Now on to the details, this course includes:

A total of 21 tracks, ~3 hours 21 minutes of listening material, which includes:

- 14 audio lessons on lucid dreaming basics and advanced techniques, totalling approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes of listening material.

- A bonus 3 audio lessons that I added more recently to the course to update some of the material.

- 3 more audio lessons with advanced lucid dreaming challenges to complete, totalling 20 minutes of listening material.

- 3 BONUS relaxation & affirmation tracks to totalling 59 minutes of listening material.

- 1 BONUS high quality .mp3 version of the 19 minute long Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis track found on my YouTube channel.

Lucid dreaming, the art of being aware that you are dreaming and controlling your dreams as you see fit. To some it comes naturally, but most of us have to learn the techniques required in order to experience it. 

After many years of regular lucid dreaming, and all the success stories I've started getting on my lucid dreaming tutorial on YouTube, I decided it was time to compile the essential knowledge about lucid dreaming into an easy to digest audio course. 

This course covers the basics, from what lucid dreaming is and when it can occur, to different lucid dream induction methods, to how to control your dreams once there. I've even included how to induce an OBE (out of body experience) or astral projection. 

Once you're done with the core lessons, the final three lessons pit you with some challenges to try to accomplish using all the skills you've learned. They'll require good use of your imagination and creativity, and put your skills to the test.

In this course you will learn:

All you need to know about lucid dreaming, which includes:

- How to induce your first lucid dream with a simple beginner method that anyone can do with no real effort.

- Why it's important to write down your dreams, and how you can remember more of your dreams each night.

- All about reality checks and the best way to do them in order to tell if you are dreaming or not and start to become lucid in your existing dreams.

- A second more challenging but more effective lucid dream induction technique that should work every time when performed correctly by someone with experience.

- All you need to know about keeping your dreams lasting longer and more stable, so that they don't end too quickly.

- Different ways you can use lucid dreaming as a tool to improve your life, including using lucid dreaming to overcome fears and phobias.

- How to create your own fantasy locations to visit inside lucid dreams

- What to do when encountering unpleasant experiences like nightmares or sleep paralysis during your sleeping life

- Multiple ways to induce your first Out of Body Experience/Astral Projection

- Creative ways of tackling different challenges inside your lucid dreams, and how to problem solve and accomplish feats that wouldn't be possible in the real world

- & Much More! For this MILD price, you get some WILD results! ;)

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Advanced Lucidity - Lucid Dreaming Audio Course

12 ratings
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